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 Cascade West Veterinary Clinic
Address: 1305 S Gold St
Centralia WA 98531
  • Map
  • Driving Directions
  • Phone: 360 736-3361
    Web Site:

    Equine Services

    Horses, Mini Horses, & Mules

    Vaccinations & preventative health care programs
    Sick patient evaluation, diagnostics & treatment
    Health certificates & Brand Inspection
    Farm calls available, haul-in facilities available
    Colic management
    Wound Repair

    Field castration, including cryptorchid
    Mass removals
    Hernia repair
    Some orthopedic procedures

    We welcome miniature horse breeding management up so it is right under the last bullet referring to Mare boarding for breeding procedures.

    Artificial insemination with cooled or frozen semen
    Breeding soundness examinations
    Ultrasound including pregnancy diagnosis
    Stallion collections
    Shipping cooled semen
    Mare boarding for breeding procedures
    We welcome miniature horse breeding management

    Laboratory & Diagnostics

    In-house chemistry, electrolyte, blood gas, urinalysis & CBC analyzers
    In-house fecal parasite testing
    Coggins testing
    Digital X-Ray
    Digital Ultrasound
    EKG (Available through IDEXX telemedicine)
    Wide variety of diagnostic testing through referral labs including Phoenix Central Laboratory, IDEXX & WSU

    PowerFloats with oral speculum & intra-oral lighting
    Wolf tooth extractions
    Cap removal
    Bit seats
    On-farm or haul-in facilities available
    We welcome miniature horse dentistry


    Pre-purchase examinations
    Nerve & joint injections
    Lameness examinations
    Digital X-Ray
    Digital Ultrasound

    Intravenous Fluids
    12′ x 18′ stalls
    Emergency Care

    While we are not open 24 hours a day, a veterinarian is on call for our regular clients whenever the practice is not open for business. Contact our call center at 360-330-2760 to have the doctor paged if we are not open. Our emergency phone number can be reached after hours only.