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 Tack of the Day
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We are Inexpensive

Yup, that is the first reason you will choose to buy from Tack of the Day.

Because You are Frugal

That is the second reason you will choose us.

The Anticipation Will Kill You (figuratively)

You will wait every day for noon time. You will not sleep the night before. You will break out in a sweat when noon draws near. You will drink excessive amounts of coffee waiting for the time to come. Then when noon arrives...

You Have This Weird Desire to Pound Your Keyboard

That's right, when the time finally comes and it is "High Noon," Monday through Friday, you will pound the refresh key waiting for our new item to pop up. We've even considered selling keyboards on Tack of the Day just to keep our Addicts happy. Which brings us to the next realization...

You are Addicted

Let's be honest. You are a horse person and you are addicted to buying stuff for your horses. You are obsessed with anything having to do with horses. That is especially true of tack. You are one of those people who tries to casually jog to your mailbox in hopes of finding yet another horse catalog to stack on your bedside table. Meanwhile, inside you are dying to sprint to the mailbox and sprint back into the house before anyone sees you and thinks about knocking on your door to chat and thus disturbing your tack catalog bliss.

Don't Deny It

In case you think you are immune to the addicting qualities of Tack of the Day, ask yourself these questions:

Do you become obsessive about being at a computer at noon time?
Have you ever left your horse standing in the aisle, pawing, while you run to the house at noon to check before it sells out?
Does lunch get delayed until you have seen the item pop up and you have bought one. (Excellent diet plan.)
Are you easily upset when a super cool item at a crazy tacky price sells out before you can get one?
Do your horse crazy children will bug you endlessly every day wanting our wonderful deals? (Here's a tip: It WILL drive you insane - so just give them your credit card and tell them to have at it.)
Try It!

No, we're not in the business of curing your addiction, rather we're in business to feed it with a healthy dose of horse stuff at totally tacky prices. We like that you're here with us every day at lunch time. It makes the whole addiction thing a little less, uh, unseemly. Besides, not all addictions are bad you know.

Not only will you become obsessed with noon time every day, you will become frostbitten sitting on a snow bank at the end of the lane waiting for the UPS driver to deliver your package from us.

Now go answer the phone -- your credit card company is calling. They are offering you more credit so that you can better feed your Tack of the Day addiction. TAKE THE OFFER!