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 Anderson Arena
Contact: Cassandra Snyder
Address: 16550 State Route 9
Mount Vernon WA 98273
  • Map
  • Driving Directions
  • Phone: (231) 670 - 9476
    Web Site:
    Cassandra Snyder teaches:
    The Sacred Language; The Horses' Language: complete understanding between two species
    Lightness: to ride with subtle, gentle cues is a joyful experience all horses and riders delight in
    Dressage: Classical High School; kind and insightful approach to the process of horsemanship
    Carrying: Engagement of the horse's back; to enhance the longevity and health of the horse.
    Hunt Seat: The American Forward Seat of Riding; beautiful form with smooth and invisible aids
    Jumping: With style; galloping powerfully forward with correct equitation over fences