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 McDonald Arabians, LLC
Contact: Gary & Jennifer McDonald
Address: 6835 East Peak View Road
Scottsdale AZ 85266
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  • Phone: 602-692-3204
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    McDonald Arabians represents a bright spot in the Arabian Horse industry that brings together passion, family, Arabian horses, and success. Halter trainer, Gary McDonald is one of those fortunate professionals who has turned a lifelong love into his vocation, and while the championships come in abundance, Gary will tell you that "accomplishments become quickly outdated." The emphasis at his facility is on the thrill of competition, win or lose, and the joy it brings the people involved with the beautiful horses. Growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, Gary McDonald was immersed in the Arabian Horse industry from an early age. Being a part of his family's Arabian breeding and management farm - the first McDonald Arabians - Gary honed his horsemanship skills. From lead line through the youth performance divisions, Gary, along with his sister Carolyn, helped their parents grow their business along with helping to train and manage the breeding horses on-site. "I started paying close attention to the halter arena and breeding divisions," Gary says. "As a youth, I usually presented the stallions to prospective breeders and clients at my family's farm. This experience, of course, drove me to focus on the halter horses and the breeding barn - which is undoubtedly my first love when it comes to the horses."