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Contact: Elena Bibbo and Dallas Schut
Address: 43711 NO. 16th St.
New River AZ 85087
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  • Phone: 480 220-8932
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    At Cactus Creek Leather everything is manufactured by Dallas and Elena in their on-premises workshop in New River, Arizona.

    Cactus Creek started with me 35 years ago, catering parties and weddings and designing floral arrangements for the wedding, and expanded to include leather goods after I met Dallas. Dallas is an accomplished and renown Horsehair Hitcher. Dallas’s horsehair artwork was chosen, thru the ‘Trappings of the West’ art show to go on tour with the Smithsonian Museum. However, after the tragedy of 9/11 in 2001, funding for the tour was canceled. He has also shod horses and repaired tack and saddles for over 30 years.

    We left Arizona in 95 to caretake a ranch and saddle shop. There, it was suggested that Dallas’s hitching was absolutely beautiful, however, the leather work he added to his pieces left something to be desired. So- I learned the skills I needed to compliment Dallas’s awesome hitching with my leather work (guess it was in my blood- my grandfather was a shoemaker and leather craftsman). We traveled the country on the art show circuit with our leather goods and Dallas’s hitching for several years. We returned to Arizona and later settled in New River where we purchased property and built our shop.

    Over 10 years ago, Al Viers who managed Wyngate Farrier Supply in Phoenix, asked if I would consider making farrier aprons, as he knew we did Tack & Saddle Repair. He explained that many of our local farriers weren’t happy with the apron options on the market. After discussing what the guys liked about and wanted in an apron we went to work. Dallas is the design guy in our outfit. Just give him and idea and he’ll design a working pattern, that I take and create with. Not long after, friend and farrier, Barry Kostuch asked if we could make him an American Flag apron, which we now call our “Proud to be American” flag apron.

    In late 2005, I met Josh Morris, a young farrier who’s dream was to open a farrier supply. I worked for Josh building Scottsdale Farrier Supply which became a great arena for our aprons for 8 years. Our latest flag aprons are the Arizona and Texas flag aprons. Recently Josh came up with an entirely different idea for an apron and together we have designed the “Morris” apron. We are excited about it and confident that it will be received well by farriers. Come on in and take a look!

    As with my leather work, I like to take traditional ideas and do untraditional things with them. I love to tweak a pattern and customize it for you. Have an idea? I’ll create it. Cactus Creek uses only American made/tanned leathers from Wickett & Craig in the construction of our leather goods.

    Farriers wearing Cactus Creek apron’s: Robert Barnes – Ca, Josh Morris, John Mackenzie, Eric Billingsley, Monte Rhea – Ok., Ryan Holzer, Josh Toy, Lance Roe, Gina Greenburg, Jason Hinds, John McKenzie – Canada , Todd McGlaughlin, Zane Scofield, Brandon Nunn, Jerimiah Harris, Tyler Parker and Brock Phalen.