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 Animal Infrared Imaging, Inc
Contact: Tom Cernansky
Address: 172 SE 6th
Hillsboro OR 97123
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  • Phone: 503-488-5440
    FAX: 503.693.0994
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    Animal Infrared Imaging, Inc. specializes in medical grade thermography as means for early detection of animal disease, lameness and injury cases.
    Our services are unique in that we provide medical grade thermal imaging of animals – a non-invasive, sedation free and mobile technique – together with expeditious analysis of the medical findings performed by Board Certified Veterinarian Thermologists.

    Early detection leads to a faster diagnosis, saving valuable time when decisions about your animal’s well being need to be made – regardless whether the condition is acute, chronic or life threatening. Moreover, early detection may save you money and spare your animal prolonged discomfort.

    Our clients – owners, trainers, breeders and veterinarians use our thermographic reports (which contains both the thermal images and the specialist’s interpretation) to develop a diagnostic impression, treatment or training protocol as well as for pre-purchase scenarios.


    What is Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (Thermography)?

    Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), also known as Thermography, in veterinary applications is an advanced, FDA approved, non-invasive and sedation free screening tool. It is specifically designed to detect the origin of functional problems such as injury, lameness, referred pain, or the physiological process before the tumor grows. These functional problems or physiological dysfunctions are obscure to the standard structural tests (X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT or MRI) as they look for existing anatomical changes like fractures or sizable masses. This positions DITI to be a valuable, adjunctive screening method with significant benefits and advantages.

    Who Benefits from Infrared Imaging and How?

    Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging can accurately detect the location of a developing or existing dysfunction in its early stages and without sedation or touching of the animal.

    Owners, veterinarians and trainers use the valuable information gained from infrared imaging for a faster and more accurate diagnosis leading to a more accurate treatment and at a significantly lower cost. Additionally, this is a portable / mobile screening application that can be deployed directly on the farm or in the stables, thus further reducing the overall cost and time spent on treatment. Furthermore, infrared imaging is a completely safe, non-invasive method that emits no radiation, requires no direct contact and no sedation. Therefore, it can be repeated as frequently as needed in both medical as well as pre-purchase scenarios.

    Animals, on the other hand, benefit from avoiding unnecessary discomfort during the screening process and from being able to return to a healthy state and optimum performance sooner.

    As of 2014 we became a full service medical grade thermography provider.
    In light of thermography’s wide range of veterinary and medical applications, we have made the strategic decision to partner with THE THERMOGRAPHY CENTER OF OREGON. At her clinic Dr. Kelley Reis her colleagues specialize in using thermography for human medical applications in the area of sports medicine (…a great benefit for active equestrians and other athletes), women’s health, general medicine ad pain management.