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 Rising S Company
Address: 9350 State Hwy 31 E
Murchison TX 75778
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  • Phone: (214) 455-0560
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    We offer underground living for our clients who want protection for the uncertainties of the future. Our clients want fallout shelters for all sorts of reasons. Some want to prepare for end of times, others want to prepare for the uncertainty of the country. They want a safe place their family can escape to in unthinkable situations. Our fallout shelters are large enough to accommodate a bigger family for extended periods of time. They can be hidden, contain escape doors with tunnels, have surveillance cameras, have heavy duty steel security doors, air filtration, solar panels, generators, water tanks etc. They contain built in steel furniture like bunk beds, bench storage seating, shelves, table with bench seating etc. They can also contain a working bathroom and kitchen. They can be as elaborate and as comfortable as your living room or basic.