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 Bitterroot Saddle Co
Contact: Bob or Julie
Address: 360 Mill Creek Road
Hamilton MT 59840
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  • Phone: 406-961-3978
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    I create custom riding saddles that complement and facilitate natural horsemanship. I sell 5 Star Saddle Pads - 100% wool contoured saddle pads; Double Diamond Halters, Leads, and Mecates; and Jeremiah Watt Bits and Spurs.

    I was fortunate to be born and raised in northeastern Oregon, part of the western United States that produced some of the founding fathers of this movement. The Dorrance and Wade ranching families (after whom the Wade tree was named) were legends in my home county. As a boy, I had the honor to ride in their shadows.

    The land we rode on dictated their saddle design choices; so incredibly steep and unforgiving was the Hell's Canyon and Grand Ronde country that a cowboy with a rope on a cow needed to be able to separate himself from his horse and free his horse from the cow in a split second lest the unfortunate, stumble footed bovine pull the whole outfit over a cliff. You can build a slick fork without knowing its origins, but something is gained if you understand the 'why' from personal experience. The same can be said for the choice of materials; the very best is none too good when equipment failure is not an option. This is the spirit that I strive to incorporate into my work.