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 Superior Equine Sires
Contact: Carol Austin
Address: P. O. Box 4035
Spokane WA 99220
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  • Phone: 509-838-9922
    FAX: 509-838-7688
    Web Site:

    Frozen Semen from the World's Best Warmblood Stallions

    To assist North American breeders in their goal of producing international-quality sport horses for all FEI disciplines.


    Convenient & Economical
    More Marketable Foals
    Increased Performance Ability
    More Stallions to Select From

    ** Some orders will require a minimum purchase of two doses, if there are no other orders for that supplier.

    PHOTOS: Photos are courtesy of Beelitz, Bronkhorst, Bugtrup, Digital World, Ernst, Eylers, Frieler, gr. Feldhaus, Lafrentz, Melissen, Rau, Ridehesten, R├╝schel, Schreiner, Sportfot, Wiegaarden

    Permission has been given to SES by each stallion owner or manager to use their website photos for promotional purposes. If you see a photograph of yours on our website, and you do not want it used, please request that we remove it. Or, you may substitute the photo in question for the same photo with your copyright mark on it. By request, you can also make your name on the above photographer's list a live link to your photography services website or email. The stallion owner or manager will be notified of your requests.

    Prices are per insemination dose of frozen semen. Superior Equine Sires is a frozen semen import service and makes no claim as to the viability, fertility or freedom from disease of any frozen semen. There is no breeding contract and NO LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE.