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 Best Bamboo Socks
Contact: Ginny
Phoenix AZ 85381
Phone: 858-695-1500
Web Site:

We sell Ecosox brand bamboo socks which are woven from bamboo viscose fibers, providing Ecosox with all of the amazing features of bamboo. Ecosox bamboo socks are ultra-soft, moisture wicking, and do not harbor odor. Designed for maximum performance, these bamboo socks have extra padding on the lower half of the sock for comfort and added durability. They not only look and feel good, but are also great for the environment!

Ecosox are for everybody! With many different colors and styles, everyone can find their perfect pair. We currently offer diabetic socks, compression socks, work socks, active sport socks, hiking socks, and athletic tubes, all of which are made from bamboo.

Our socks come in the following heights:
No Show= Sits below the ankle
Tab= Sits below the ankle, but features a tab that prevents shoe from rubbing on back of heel
Low Cut= Sits right at the ankle
Quarter= Sits just above the ankle, keeps sweat and debris from running into shoe
Crew= Sits at the calf and has a graduated top to keep the sock up. Diabetic crew has non-binding top to allow blood flow to feet
Knee High= Sits just below the knee

Made in the USA. Over 90% of our socks are made in the USA. All USA made socks are listed on each product page.

Active Sport Content:
80% Viscose from Bamboo, 10% Polyester, 5% Nylon, 3% Spandex, 2% Rubber

Diabetic Sock Content:
85% Viscose of Bamboo, 11% Nylon, 4% Spandex

How to Care for your Bamboo Socks:
Wash Normal (105F)
Dry Normal (Medium Heat)
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Iron
Do Not Dry Clean
For longer product life and maximum protection and comfort, wash and dry inside out.

Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind our socks. All socks are 100% satisfaction guaranteed from best bamboo socks with proof of purchase. Please contact us if you have any questions.