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 Sea Mountain Insurance
Contact: Heather Lindsey
Address: 19630 76th Ave West
Lynwood WA 98036
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  • Phone: (425) 775-1410
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    Sea Mountain Equine Insurance

    As the market for providing insurance for horses, horse-related businesses and activities has become more complex, we feel fortunate in having excellent programs to provide coverages for all areas of horse insurance.

    Full Mortality & Major Medical Coverage

    Full mortality policies provide coverage for death as a result of an injury, illness or humane destruction, and includes loss or death as a result of theft. Full Mortality policies also include Free Emergency Colic Surgery Coverage, Agreed Value Endorsement and Guaranteed Extension Coverage. Optional coverages available to be added to a mortality policy include Major Medical coverage for the cost of medical and surgical procedures including diagnostics as a result of an accident, illness or disease.

    Also available are:

    Surgical Coverage
    Colic Medical & Surgical
    Third Party Liability
    Territorial Limits Including Transit
    Stallion Infertility for A, S & D
    Full Loss of Use

    Rates are based on Breed, Use, and Age of each horse but you should call us for an accurate quote. It is possible to purchase mortality insurance for the total sales/purchase or lease/purchase price of a horse and protect both the buyer's and seller's financial interests in the animal.

    Farm Ranch & Stable Insurance

    There are all kinds of farms, ranches, and stables that require specialized knowledge and equipment. All require a specialized insurance provider and agent to protect your investments from the emotional and financial impact of fires, theft or litigation.
    We are Specialists who analyze your coverage needs and provide technical expertise. We offer a property and liability insurance program that's designed to meet the current and evolving needs of your particular operation.

    Your policy can be tailored so it's appropriate to your particular operation and bundles your home, farm, liability and automobile insurance into one package. Coverage options can include the following.

    Replacement Cost Coverage for:
    Riding Arenas
    Other Farm Buildings
    Computer Hardware and Software
    Farm Machinery
    Farm/Commercial General Liability Coverage Including:
    Personal Liability
    Care, Custody and Control Coverage
    Loss of Income
    Automobile Coverage for:
    Commercial and Private
    Passenger Vehicles
    Umbrella/Excess Liability:
    Broad Protection Over Basic Personal and Horse Operations
    Business Liability

    Commercial Equine Liability

    Commercial horse trainer/instructor should carry liability insurance. This policy provides comprehensive general liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage claims as a result of your business activities:

    Horse Sales

    Or any combination of the above business activities
    Under the terms of your policy, you are protected from claims brought against you as a result of your equine business activities at a variety of liability limits and protects you anywhere in the United States or Canada.

    Care/Custody Control

    If you think your standard Liability insurance covers you when you board, breed or have another person's animal in your custody for any reason, please, read on. You may save yourself much grief and money.
    All public liability policies have a provision that excludes coverage for any animal for injury or death that you have in your care, custody or control. Yet, the fact that you are not covered does not absolve you from legal responsibility for loss of an animal due to your own possible negligence. If you are a trainer, boarding stable owner or owner of a breeding farm, you CANNOT AFFORD to be without this protection. Fortunately, there is now a method of protecting yourself when you have animals that are in your custody. This protection is called Care Custody Control Insurance coverage. It protects you against Liability resulting from death or injury to animals in your custody not only from fire but also from other causes. The protection provides that if an animal owner makes negligence claims against a policyholder covered by this type of insurance, the insurance company will defend and will be responsible for making payment if it is determined that the loss is due to negligence and policyholder is legally liable.

    Coverage is provided at a variety of per horse limits and aggregates can be made part of many general liability and farm policies.
    Personal Horse Ownership Liability
    Personal Horse Ownership Liability Insurance programs are designed to provide complete liability protection to a person who owns a horse or horses used exclusively for pleasure or show where your homeowners or tenants policy will not provide coverage. To qualify, however, you cannot be personally involved in a professional training, breeding or boarding operation.

    Personal Horse Ownership Liability plan covers you against bodily injury claims which may result from the use of your horse and includes property damage claims. The policy applies anywhere in the United States or Canada.

    In many instances, this policy can be extended to cover premises owned or leased by you when your homeowner's policy will not provide personal liability where your horse is boarded.

    Equine Events

    This policy provides coverage for horse shows, clinics, and all other equine related events. There is no limit to the number of show days that can be insured. The coverage is designed to provide protection from liability claims that may result from bodily injury or property damage to a spectator while attending your show.
    The Coverage Includes:
    Spectator Liability
    Products Liability coverage
    Coverage for show Judges and Officials
    Premises owner as Additional Insured

    In most cases, this policy can extend coverage for the preparation and dismantling of the show, limited to one day prior and one day after the show. Your premium is based on the number of show days and the limit of liability you select.

    Equine Clubs & Associations

    Equine Clubs & Associations Liability Insurance program covers the premises at which meetings, shows, and other activities are held by the club. Meetings, Trail Rides (Noncompetitive), Gymkhanas, etc...are automatically covered when they are conducted for the sole benefit of the members.

    Liability Programs Include:

    Spectator Liability
    Personal Injury Coverage (Libel/Slander)
    Premises Owner's Protection
    Products Liability Coverage (Concession Stand)
    Coverage For Show Judges and Officials
    Most basic policy premiums include two days of events in which non-members participate and up to 100 members.