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 Future Track Arenas
Contact: Jack and Michael Pollard
Address: PO Box 338
Dalton GE 30722
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  • Phone: (706) 463-3530
    Web Site:

    Founded in 2006 by father/son duo, Jack & Michael Pollard, FutureTrack was created with the intent of improving equine arena footing across North America. Michael was a short list member of the US Olympic Team in 2012. Competing for the U.S. at the 2011 Pan American Games held in Guadalajara, Mexico, Michael was a member of the U.S Gold medal winning team. Michael is still involved with the Equine Community and lends his advice in the construction of arenas whenever Jack may need it.

    FutureTrack fiber footing is a 100% white Nylon product. Jack & Michael experimented with numerous polymers that included polyester, polypropylene, and a blend of all types of different fibers. Ultimately, they decided on Nylon as the product of choice for their footing. Nylon is the most absorbent and UV tolerant. This combination enhances the arena surface stability, thus helping reduce the risk of equine injury while creating a comfortable and flexible surface for the horse. The integration of the carpet fiber into the sand also creates a quiet surface to ride on, improves water retention and reduces dust.

    How is carpet fiber better than rubber? Rubber has a tendency to float and is very difficult to blend and keep blending. Rubber does not retain moisture, consequently, it also breaks down and turns into black dust. The white nylon fibers blended with the white arena sand retains the moisture applied, does not break down and present a beautiful white surface for many years to come.

    FutureTrack has become the fiber of choice in North America for riders and facilities such as:

    Chattahoochee Hills
    Washington International Horse Show
    Law Eventing
    Jacksonville Horse Park
    Sharon White and Last Frontier Farm
    Grand Prix Dressage Rider Karen Lips
    Anne Glaus
    Michelle Gibson the 1996 Olympian
    Virginia Horse Park
    Bridlewood Farm in Aiken, SC
    Holling Eventing
    BlueStar Ranch in Cashiers, NC
    Lynn Symansky Equestrian
    Kyle Carter Equestrian

    Founded by an equestrian thinking for equestrians, FutureTrack footing will not only create a beautiful, luxurious arena but will be long lasting and protect your horse’s legs from serious injury for years to come. Contact us today to learn more.

    Installation & Products:
    FutureTrack offers quotes for two types of Installation:
    1) Full arena. Jack will visit your site, help layout your arena and provide a quote which will include: Grading, base preparation and compacting, installation of sand, provide footing and blend to create the arena of your dreams. If irrigation is a need, that can be done as well.

    2) Insertion of carpet fiber into an existing sand arena. Already have a sand arena that needs a bit of an upgrade? No problem! You purchase the FutureTrack footing, and we will blend the fiber into your existing surface!