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 Dana Arabians
Contact: Dale & Wyona Worthington
Address: 6212 Coffel Rd
Roy WA 98580
  • Map
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  • Phone: 253 843-9100
    FAX: 253 843-9000
    Web Site:

    By: Dale Worthington

    As I review our 40 years with Arabian horses, three words come to mind: passion, romance, and business. I think back about how these great horses have helped Wyona and I purchase our land, build our facilities, and house and provide us with our major source of income. I am truly thankful for the horses and all of the great people who have helped and supported us along the way. It all started because my father-in-law wouldn’t let his daughter have a horse. So, my new bride of one day had one request. “You know we should probably have a horse,” said Wyona. I was easily convinced and we set out on an adventure that has enriched our lives beyond my ability to describe.

    Horse breeding—this wonderfully worthwhile endeavor—presented us at the very outset with a great challenge: keeping the economic aspect in perspective. Without the benefit of significant outside income, we were forced to learn quickly how to make a go of this delightful, albeit difficult business. With Arabian horses, it is easy to get carried away with the passion and romance of your work and lose track of the business aspect, particularly when relying solely on your own breeding program and foregoing the base income provided by training and boarding services. We have focused on breeding, training and showing our own horses, and the marketplace has rewarded us with good friends and repeat customers. Our farm has become an important stop for visitors coming to the Northwest in search of breeding and show stock.