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 4-Star Trailers Inc
Contact: Ilene Gorman
Address: PO Box 75395
Oklahoma City OK 73147
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  • Phone: 405 324-7827
    FAX: 405 324-7625
    Web Site:

    About The Trailers...

    All of our trailers are our patented Concept II Design. Concept II gives a smoother side while having fewer visible weld marks. Our deluxe model horse trailers are our most popular base models. All of our base models can be customized to suit your every need. Our base models consist of everything from Straight Loads, Center Loads, Slant Loads, Stock Combos, and Polo Trailers with the ability to build a trailer to haul from 2 horses to 15 horses. Our Stock Trailers can be built in box lengths from 10' to 44', heights from 4'6" to 9'6", and widths from 6' to 8'6". Options can allow you to build a single deck or double deck, add a variety of gates and other option, our Stock Trailers can be built to suit your exact needs. Using our lists of options, all of our trailers can be built to your specifications.

    With the ability to change everything on the trailer, we have a variety of options from axles to windows that allow the trailer to suit your use. With appearance options from aluminum wheels to tape designs and colors to our Vision options, which can allow you to use everything from a baked enamel skin, polished slats and top rail, stainless steel skin, or a combination of all three, to make the trailer one of a kind and match your style. To see standard equipment and our most popular options, please visit our website

    What is "Air Ride"?

    Many 4 Star Trailers are equipped with Air Ride. Air Ride suspension will provide a superior ride to the traditional spring axles or industry standard torsion axles. While improving the ride for the trailer and tow vehicle, the largest advantage is for the animals. It will prevent soreness and stiffness in a long haul. Traditionally, a torsion axle is designed to ride best at close to its maximum load. An air ride will adjust the ride for the amount of weight loaded, for example, a four horse trailer equipped with air ride, will provide the same smooth ride loaded with one horse or four horses.

    4 Star Horse Trailer Models:

    4 Star Trailers has several models in Gooseneck, Bumper Pull, Straight Loads, Center Loads, Slant Loads, Stock Combos, and Polo Trailers with the ability to build a trailer to haul from 2 horses to 15 horses!

    Concept II™ VISION

    4-Star looked into the future and had a VISION! Continuing the tradition of building the finest in custom trailers, 4-Star's Concept II™ VISION delivers an unprecedented blend of class and sophistication to create a unique, personal touch to your custom trailer.

    Deluxe Model Goosenecks

    Our Goosenecks feature low position latches for drop down feed doors, drop down in rear load door, (2) load lights, and custom Vision tape job.

    Deluxe Model Bumper Pulls

    The same quality and craftsmanship in a "Bumper Pull" Both 2 horse slant loads and 3 horse slant loads available with the quality and durability of design that you expect with a "4 Star"!

    Designed as a show stopper, the VISION is available in four styles: Polished Aluminum Extrusions, Anodized Aluminum Slats, Pre-painted Smooth Aluminum, and Stainless Steel; or a combination of the four for the Ultimate Show Trailer. Living Quarter Trailers available and all with AIR RIDE!

    Straight Load/ Center Load

    Available in a 2 Horse Thoroughbred Bumper Pull or Gooseneck and a 4 Horse Center Load Gooseneck. Superior quality, attractive design, and the quality you expect with a "4 Star".

    Polo Trailers

    4 Star Polo Trailers are available in 24', 26', 28', and 32' models to suit the needs of horse owners who need to haul several horses in security and style!

    Stock/ Combo Trailers

    14' Bumper Pull, 28' & 34' Gooseneck models to ensure that you have the right "4 Star" stock trailer for your horses!

    Where Can You Find A Dealer?

    Once you see a "4 Star"… you won't want to settle for less! 4-Star has dealers spread throughout the country. While we do not have a dealer in every state, we do have some of the best dealers in the industry. All of our dealers can price a custom trailer to suit your needs, while most of them have inventory that may fit what you desire. Our trailers can be shipped to your dealer, or even the possibility of having the trailer shipped to your door, we have customers all across the country. Please call 4-Star Trailers or email us today and we'll put you in touch with the dealer nearest you.