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Web Advertising

Horseman’s Directory has a spot for your business to get listed …

You will get affordability and an impactful, quality filled listing with proper keywords and tags. It also helps that we’ve been online with over 5 million visitors since the start. What we do is we keep it simple, so it’s simple for you and simple enough of a horse directory for those trying to find you and your business.

By clicking the link you can purchase on the spot, be sure to leave your email and web address and we will send the listing to you via email within 12-24 hours. We can make any changes and edits. We will make it so simple for you to understand, and your future clients.

Here’s a simple breakdown of our Annual Maintenance Rates - Paid Annually

Horseman’s Directory Business Card – $65

  • Link your Business Card or  to your Website
  • 2 categories
  • 5 Key Search Words

Horseman’s Directory LinkPlus Enhanced Listing – $90

  • Business description keyword specific
  • Logo or graphic linked to your website or your brand
  • 3 categories and 2 markets
  • up to 15 keywords for simple search


Horseman’s "Profile"  $150 per year

  • The “Profile” is our online featured listing. It is like an extension of your website that allows your

    business to present additional information or graphics that may or may not be on their website.

    The “Profile” may contain...

    1. Up to three full pages of additional information about the business, the services or products,

    the owners and managers, an advertisement that you have used in phone books, magazines,


    2. You may be listed under in Two (2) Markets and up to Five (5) Categories.

    3. You may provide or write an article pertinent your service, product or place of business.

    4. We will embed up to three (3) YouTube videos that you have regarding your business or

        product. We will embed them in your profile

    5. Send us up to Nine (9) photos in .jpg, .tiff, or .png formats we will put in an album for you.

    6. Choose up to Seven (10) key search words (KW) that we can include in our database to be

        directed to your profile.

    7. A complete description of your product, service or professional service.

        You may have a brochure or fact sheet or pedigree that would be useful in redirecting customers to you.

         We can design a table, bullet list or fact sheet for you.

    8. An in-line graphic (logo) plus this designation indicating a Profile


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